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Riverdreamer products began with a desire and need to make my own shamanic tools. The journey, which is still ongoing, to learn the skills to make high quality and ethical items, has involved lots of 'self taught' techniques as well as studentship under experienced crafters. I made my own rawhide, drums, rattles, prayer and dance sticks, bags and pouches, smudge fans, and began to grow my own smudging herbs. Others liked my work and I began to trade and barter with them leading onto selling more widely.

The route to living a Shamanic life came with a visions from the spirit world, my first during illness as a child, followed by another visit from the same spirit creature years later during a sleeping dream. The meanings were in interpreted for me by a lakota medicine teacher.

My life path has taken me from soldier to academic. I hold first class honours degrees in Sociology and History, and I am a qualified adult and further education teacher.



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