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Plain Drum

I make drums for private individuals, shamanic / Pagan practitioners and professional musicians. I was called to make drums after needing one and learning how to make it myself. Riverdreamer drums are made in the English Lake district, the hides come from a managed organic Red Deer herd in a nearby valley and are collected at the point of skinning. Offerings are given to the spirit of the animals and the land which sustained them. The frames are made in Riverdreamer workshop, all the work is conducted with respect for the natural materials used. I now work on a simple yet honest principle...the earth is a better place for having another drum in it.

12 Sided Frame Drums

13" £50

15" £75.50

18" £90

Rounded Frames

13" £55

15" £85.50

18" £109

When a drum is new, it needs to be awakened. It is useful to smudge it and dedicate it to your work. Play it particularly gently at first and, if you have an opportunity, expose it to more 'experienced' drums and play along with them. This awakening process partly involves the mating resonance patterns of the drumhead and the frame. You will find a relationship developing with your drum as you use it and will quickly discover that your drum also has moods. Like human relationships these moods won't always be compatible with your own. You will get spiritual benefit and guidance from just playing your drum regularly. It is best to reserve particular drums for sacred work and to have others for 'social' uses. The commonly used term 'drum beater' implies that the sound is 'beat' out of the drum. Yet, ideally, the drummer pulls the sound out from the drum rather than beating it out. A light wrist stroke creates a ringing tone and can be continued for a long duration with little fatigue. Most drums sound best when the head is struck about halfway between the centre and the rim. The tone at the centre tends to be flat. Certain tones seem most appropriate for certain work.

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